JX Chargers

JX ChargersChargers Touch Team takes on new Sponsor

New Zealand’s only mixed LGBTI touch team have teamed up with JX Live in a two-year sponsorship deal.

The JX Chargers have commenced the Summer season and Captain Dion Hosking is looking forward to the seasons ahead with the new branding.

“This team has become great at making history,” he explains. “We are all excited about the new season and are looking forward to working with the boys at JX Live to continue to build the JX Chargers.”

JX Live is a digital media company run by Andy Jalfon and Skot Barnett.

“We love our sport and have been impressed with not just how the team are when they’re on the pitch, but how they are when off it as well,” says Andy. “We were welcomed right from the start and when Dion said the team were looking for support, we jumped at the chance.”

Skot is also a part-time player with the team. “The thing that really inspired me about the team was their open inclusiveness to all members, regardless of experience or skill. It’s not about winning, it’s about having fun!”

The JX Chargers have also secured further funding from Brad Straka as well.

“We really appreciate Andy and Skot, as well as Brad, making sure we are secured for the next two years. Without their support it would be a lot tougher. Now we can just focus on playing and having a great time!” says Dion. He also adds that the team always enjoy supporters coming down to Victoria Park to watch the game on Monday evenings.

There is a JX Chargers Supporters Facebook page with game details and supporters are always welcome.

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