Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone watch a stream on any device?
We can stream to an audience of any size and our streams are supported on laptops as well as mobile devices.

What is a good upload speed?
The higher the better. A stable connection over 1 MB/s would be ideal. We prefer an ethernet (Cat 5 or Cat 6) connection to the internet rather than wi-fi.

Just for context:

Low quality – 512 KB/s (realistically, the minimum required for streaming)

High quality – 1024 KB/s

Very high quality – 2000 KB/s (or 2MB/s)

My venue doesn’t have internet available. Can you still live stream our event?

If there is good cellular reception on site then we can stream over 4G with cellular data. There would be a small charge for this.

How can I find out what my internet speeds are?
Finding your upload and download speeds is simple! Just go to and click “Upload Test”.

Can you do a multi-camera shoot?
Yes! We can set up multiple cameras plus any other input sources, such as powerpoint presentations.

Can you add lower thirds to the video?
Yes we can and often use them in presentations. If you want your own branding in the keys just send the files through and when the person speaks we can show the key.

Is it HD?
Our workflow is always in full high definition (1080p) and streaming can be up to 1080p. We can stream at this higher quality, provided the internet speed on site supports the upload speed required.

Can it be recorded?
We always record what we film. We can edit and upload the videos (including the HD recorded file) to your YouTube or Vimeo site as well. We usually record the stream in full HD, as well as on the cameras themselves for back up.

Can the player be embedded in my website?
Absolutely. If you don’t have somewhere to embed the player, we can host the player on our website for no extra charge. We can also provide an embed code for your Facebook page and Twitter feed, enabling your audience to watch on those platforms.

Should my stream be on Facebook?
Facebook is a great way to rapidly build an audience. We often stream to Facebook and can discuss if this is the best solution for your event.

Do you do other kinds of video production?
We are involved in a range of video projects, including short promotional videos for a client’s websites or Facebook pages, documentary-style filming and live stream broadcasting.

How do you deliver the final videos?
We upload the draft and final videos to our Vimeo account and share it with you as a private link. You can then view the videos at your leisure and easily provide feedback to us.

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