Terms and Conditions

Our Quality Policy

JX Live strives to be synonymous with quality, hard work and passion. We will ensure every project meets the requirements set out by the client. Our aim on every project is to produce work of the highest quality so that we can build a lasting relationship with the client for future projects – and have fun along the way!


JX Live is happy to supply an estimate or quote based on the specifications of the job. We will break down the details of the job (such as number of cameras on the production) so that the client knows exactly what is involved in the production.

Cancellation or Deviation

If at any point of the project you choose to cancel the work you will still be liable for all the costs incurred and unavoidable. This includes any outlay we have made or have to make and our time already committed to the project.

Our breakdown of costs on a cancelled project are as follows:

Within 1 day before the event – Full fee and any non-refundable expenses (such as flights, accommodation etc)
Within 2 days before the event – 50% of the production fee plus any non-refundable expenses incurred
Within 7 days before the event – 25% of the production fee plus any non-refundable expenses incurred

More than 7 days – No production charge but reimbursement of any non-refundable expenses incurred


The client warrants that it has the right to produce the subject matter to be photographed, filmed, duplicated or distributed. If the subject matter is copyrighted, the customer warrants that it owns the copyright or has express permission of the owner to reproduce the copyrighted subject matter, and that it has not removed any copyright notice from any material to be reproduced without written permission.

Creative Work/Media/Rushes

When JX Live is commissioned to produce a film(s) for the client, it is important that we are made aware of where the film is being displayed. We will then advise you on what permissions are needed regarding images and sound. If you are providing participants to be filmed it is essential that you gain their consent beforehand. When the final film(s) is signed off and all outstanding invoices are paid we will release the copyright of the final film(s) according to the agreed distribution platform.

However all materials and data created by JX Live over the course of the contract, including, but not limited to, film, data, and digital files, shall remain exclusive property of JX Live. The raw files/rushes can only be made available if agreed before production and will incur an extra cost. This also applies to any creative work that we supply in the form of creative briefs, ideas, concepts, demos, sketches, storyboards, and comprehensive layouts.

JX Live reserve the right to use the film for promotion online unless requested not to by the client. This agreement must be made in advance of production.

JX Live is not required to store the original footage longer than 30 days but if requested in writing by the customer, footage can be stored for an additional charge. JX Live is not liable for any loss or damage to stored material.

Live Stream Broadcasts

Where JX Live is commissioned to produce a film(s) for the client, it is important that we are made aware of where the film is being displayed and this applies when the content is being live streamed.

JX Live will supply a player for any live stream, or can stream to a client’s player on request. This must be agreed in advance of production.

The embed code for the JX Live player will be provided to the client for embedding and syndication. Rebroadcasting (or “scraping”) a stream produced by JX Live requires written permission in advance of production.


Unless otherwise specified herein, payment for services shall be: 50% upon the agreement of contract and 50% on final sign off. We reserve the right to withhold final delivery until all payments have been made.  All possible costs will be discussed before we commence any work.

Payment terms are normally 7 days of invoice date.

Legal Liability

JX Live shall be indemnified by the client in respect of any claims, cost and expenses arising out of any libelous matter designed on the client’s instructions or any infringement of copyright. These Conditions and all other express terms of the contracts shall be governed and construed in accordance with the New Zealand law.